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GPS public land boundary maps

Customized GPS and Satellite Image Mapping for Hunters, Ranchers, Real Estate, and More . . .

We'll organize YOUR geographic data or PUBLICLY AVAILABLE geographic data for display in Google Earth, Google Maps, or on your GPS to help you and others visualize and understand the information faster. Call or email today

Many ways to display the information:

  1. GPS - Download Customized Files to your GPS
  2. Google Earth - Open Custom overlays in Google Earth or Google Maps
  3. Printed Map - Overlay points of interest and lines of interest (boundaries, roads, trails) onto a custom aerial photo map or topo map printed on foldable, waterproof paper
3D land ownership map in Google Earth



I'll create the ultimate satellite image map of your ranch or property
  • Keep one at the house to show visitors how to navigate the property.
  • Keep one in your vehicle for your reference
  • Use a map to mark up when you are planning a new road, reservoir, fenceline, etc
  • Use a map to mark up when you see fence repairs or other repairs that need to be made
  • Let workers borrow the map when they need to fix fences or wells and keep well records
  • Use a map to plan which crops will be planted in which fields
  • Plan crop rotation, grazing rotation, irrigation, etc.
Ranch and Property Maps in Google Earth
Screen Shot of a Ranch Map Overlaid on the Satellite Images in Google Earth. This map shows roads, fence lines, section lines, and wells that are located on this particlular property.
Colored according to BLM map standards [BLM, State , white=Private] Roads, Fences


  • Various organizations can use our services to organize spatial information regarding company locations, clientele, and other points or areas of interest.
  • Real Estate agents can display a very detailed map of the property of interest and its assets
  • Real Estate agents can use land ownership data in Google Earth to look up ranch owners, property boundaries, and neighboring parcels
  • Real Estate agents can create property maps in Google Earth and send map files to clients worldwide
  • Individuals who want to implement a Google Map into their website
Call or email today to discuss your GPS or Google mapping needs.

Example Map Project - NW American Baptist Churches and Learning Communities
View American Baptist Churches of the Northwest by Areas, LLCs & Individual Churches in a larger map

Example Boundary on a printed aerial photo map Satellite Image Map with property boundaries