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Public Land Boundary Topo Maps for your GPS

Imagine walking around with your BLM map and having your exact location plotted on it wherever you go. It's Here! Finally! For Garmin GPS units.

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Map Features

  1. Background Colored according to Land Owner Type helps you easily determine public and private land boundaries.
  2. Topo Lines 20 ft contour intervals - ~1:24K Equivalent
  3. Section Lines - Select any section line to see the Township - Range - Section (example: T24N R34E 12)
  4. Game Management Unit Boundaries
  5. Water Data (creeks, rivers, lakes)
  6. Geographic Names Information System data to show mountain peak names, creek names, river names, and other points of interest.
  7. National Road Data shows public roads and road names
  8. National Forest Trails
  9. National Forest Trailhead locations
  10. Fishing Access Sites (Boat Ramps) **
  11. Landowner Name Appears on Each parcel **
  12. Lake Depth Contours **
  13. National Forest Wilderness Area Boundaries **
  14. State sections - School Trust Land - DNRC
  15. Wildlife Management Areas
  16. BLM, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Indian Affairs
  17. National Park
  18. NWR - National Wildlife Refuges (US Fish and Wildlife)
  19. Dept of Fish and Wildlife Lands
  20. National Park
* Features may vary from state to state. Check for a list of features included with each state.
** Feature only available in some states

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